This is a custom Winters Quick change cover that was order in 2014 we can design and make custom part for all different applcations.

 This is Dale Shaw the 2015 APC Champion we helped design and build this car with major Geometery changes. Alot of the components are designed and made by Thinkpath designs we are proud to have Shaw motorsports as a partner. We are in the process of building a 2016 car that we will run in the APC racing Series this year.

 We have lots of Wheel fans in stock the 5 bolt will fit all bolt patterns 5x5 4 3/4x5 and 4 1/2x 5. The wide 5 fits all wide 5 hubs. We also have 4x4 fans for mini stocks too.


Cad design your way

 Scott and Valerie Shaw Have owned the business for 5 years now and strive to meet and exceed the needs of our customers! Even if it’s just an idea that you would like to see come to life we can help. We design for all the industry’s out there metal stamping, plastic, sheet metal, solid metal, etc. Whatever the product we can help!! Give us a call! Very reasonable prices to work with in your budget!

This is Ryan Paul and his Pro late model we are Proud to have Ryan as part of the team!!

This is a soild model done in Solidworks

 Cole Timm 2015 Cars tour champion we help Cole as much as we can we supply wheel fans and help with set up stuff. Cole is the best drive down in the south right now and we are proud to help with what ever we can. Big things in store for Cole heading into 2017 and beyond.

 This is the 2016 Shaw Motorsports car! This is a brand new chassis strait rail with a ton of inovations on this car. By far the best car we have come up with. We will be running the APC series once again to defend our 2015 Championship!

So by using an Anemometer I have checked the air flow that we get from the brake fans. Now keeping in mind the in line brake fans flow 250 CFM so turning the brake fan at 900 RPM with the 5 x 5 fan it pulls 14 mph that is 22 km now how much CFM 1250 that’s how much air the brake fan pulls. The big surpise to me was the wide 5 it pulls almost as much at 11 mph that’s 960 CFM. So in short the fans are well worth the money when you talk about how much air they pull.

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